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Putting Yourself In The Picture – Project 2: Childhood Memory

Recreate a childhood memory in a photograph. Think carefully about the memory you choose and how you’ll recreate it. You’re free to approach this task in any way you wish.

  • Does the memory involve you directly or is it something you witnessed?
  • Will you include your adult self in the image (for example, to ‘stand in’ for your childhood self) or will you ask a model to represent you? Or will you be absent from the image altogether? (You’ll look at the work of some artists who have chosen to depict some aspect of their life without including themselves in the image in the next project.)
  • Will you try and recreate the memory literally or will you represent it in a more metaphorical way, as you did in Part Two?
  • Will you accompany your image with some text?
  • In your learning log, reflect on the final outcome. How does the photograph resemble your memory? Is it different from what you expected? What does it communicate to the viewer? How?

It might be interesting to show your photograph to friends or family members – perhaps someone who was there at the time and someone who wasn’t – and see what the image conveys to them.  – Context & Narrative Coursebook p.82

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Assignment #3 – Dear Diary…

Keep a diary for a set period of time (at least two weeks). Each day write two or three pages about yourself – what you’ve been doing/thinking. This can be as specific or poetic as you wish. You may wish to pick a theme for the duration. This is an open brief designed to give you freedom to create something personal which suits you best. Use the artists you’ve looked at in Part Three or your own research for inspiration. Select the most interesting parts of the diary (which could also be the most banal or mundane) and interpret them into a photographic project. – C&N Coursebook (p.89)

Interspersed through this post there will be links to sections of photo diary, taken in emulation of Stephen Shore’s body of work, made in the early 70’s  and collected most recently as American Surfaces. They document the less typical parts of the first 4 months of 2016, at points when I have been preparing to travel or travelling, either for work, or to see my son who lives in Glasgow. Using American Surfaces as a template proved more difficult than you would think…

There are pictures contained within this that are conscious emulations of work by Walker Evans, Saul Leiter, Lee Friedlander and others, including of course, Shore himself…

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