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Theory, Binary Oppositions and Spectrums – some thoughts…


Bubion; Alpujarras, Spain – 2008

While it may not be too apparent on this blog, I’ve been doing rather a lot of reading while I’ve been studying for Context and Narrative. As I have done so, it’s become more and more apparent to me that many (if not most) ideas in photography occupy positions somewhere between a set of poles. Some are binary (ie thing and not thing) while other are situated on a spectrum (thing, a little less thingy, even less thingy, a bit un-thingy, very un-thingy, not thing). Continue reading

Assignment 2 – Tutor’s Response and My Reflections

Last Friday Garry (my tutor) and I had a marathon google hangout lasting about an hour and a half (about the time it took for the battery on my phone to run itself down from the low nineties to one percent). So there’s another unit of time for consideration.

The comments here are extracted from the written up version of the tutorial made from his notes on what we talked about and said, by Garry which I received yesterday. The overall tone of this feedback (and of the tutorial itself) was very positive indeed:

A really strong sampling of visual languages and approaches exploring the unseen. Your development of approach: dealing with personal events but also alluding to the complex relationship that photography has with time is well formed. In addition, your research and  application of the various themes in photography is notable (still life, typologies etc).

I’m glad of this. I liked the pictures submitted (with some reservations, which I’ll go into later) and it is always nice to know that you’re not barking up all sorts of wrong trees. Continue reading