Monthly Archives: October 2018

But what happened next?

This thread of posts is currently on pause, while I wait for the OCA to assess my blog for the final level one module for my Photography BA, Identity and Place.

If you want to carry on following Chirgwin’s adventures in photography, then the blog for the next course module – Digital Image and Culture – is here:

I’m about to start playing around with fun things including collage and archives, so do pop in and have a look!


I’ve just paid for two years upgrade of my original site and got a nice custom domain and masses of storage and stuff like that only to discover that upgrades are site rather than user specific. This is a touch annoying. So, being a terrible tight-wad, after assessment is done and dusted in December, I may move all the posts here over to the new site and move whatever I’ve done there over here, if you see what I mean. If I do, I’ll give plenty of notice and a link to where all the stuff that used to be here has gone.