Simon Chirgwin (512973) The Art of Photography – Notes for Assessors

Hello Assessors!

Nested below the link to The Art of Photography  (at the top of the page, under the title bar; it will take you back here, if you click it) there are 3 sub-category menus, each with further nested links to allow you to view specific categories of posts. I have replicated this tree of links here:



Research and Reflection

Each of the Assignment categories is headed with a brief introductory post, containing links to the Tutor’s Report and the folder on Dropbox containing the full-size files for all the pictures and some contact sheets included in the assignment.

I have not been able to reverse the most-recent-to-oldest sorting of the posts within any of the sections, or indeed in the blog as a whole, but assume this is normal.

All the assignment folders and an electronic copy of the Contents Document for the Physical Submission for Assessment can be viewed at once, by clicking this link.


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