assignment 2 – photographing the invisible: units of time

“What kinds of subjects might be seen as un-photographable? How might you go about portraying them using photography? At first you may come up with literal examples, but the more you think about them the more those ideas will develop into specific and more original ones.

Now implement one of your ideas. Aim for a tightly edited and visually consistent series of 7–10 images.”

Context and Narrative Coursebook

The gallery shown here consists of scans of the 12 x 8 prints I had made for this assignment, with my anchoring caption handwritten in CD marker onto the white border around the actual 5:4 picture. The captions below (fig. 1 – 8) would be typed out onto labels, to be displayed next to the framed pictures, in the event of their exhibition. For course purposes the labels are stuck to the back of the prints.

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