Simon Chirgwin (512973) Context and Narrative – Notes for Assessors

Hello Assessors!

Nested below the link to Context and Narrative  (at the top of the page, under the title bar; it will take you back here, if you click it) there are 3 sub-category menus, each with further nested links to allow you to view specific categories of posts. I have replicated this tree of links here:



Research and Reflection

Each of the Assignment categories is headed with a brief introductory post, containing links to the Tutor’s Report and details of both files included in the physical submission and stored on the OCA g:drive folder that has been shared with me for this purpose.

I have not been able to reverse the most-recent-to-oldest sorting of the posts within any of the sections, or indeed in the blog as a whole, but assume this is normal.


The physical submission for this Module includes a full index. The online files to accompany the assignments follow a simple naming convention:
The common prefix: PH1CAN-512973-Assessment; the assignment number: 1-5; and the individual file number for that assignment.
So, PH1CAN-512973-Assessment-3.01 is file number one for assignment 3 and PH1CAN-512973-Assessment-2.02 is the second file for assigment two.

And thank you for your time, reading all this.

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