Context and Narrative – The Last Post

Assessment results out today: I passed with a mark of sixty seven percent (breaking down as 26/40; 14/20; 13/20; 14/20).

This was marginally down from the seventy I got for The Art of Photography (29/40; 13/20; 13/20; 15/20), but that reflects quite well the fact that – in playing with ideas and trying to move what I was doing on, conceptually – the technical finish of a lot of my images was a bit more slapdash while not all the ideas I was playing with managed to quite pay off.

As expected, Assignment 3 was the high point.

As ever for a level one course, there was not much detailed commentary, but what there was was both kind and encouraging:

“An ambitious, inventive, thoughtful and eloquent submission, Simon. The research you’ve undertaken is focused and impressive, always meaningfully chiming with and feeding into your own work. Assignment two didn’t quite come together as convincingly as it might, and I think that it’d have made more sense to focus exclusively on the medical packaging, which would have given the concept a greater consistency (and, potentially, more of an emotional resonance).

Assignment three explores an extremely interesting and ‘serious’ idea with wonderfully humorous effect- lovely stuff. Your essay is solid, thoughtful and observant, providing further evidence of an engaged and motivated student with much potential. Keep it up!”

– 512973 S Chirgwin PH4CAN Marksheet, 24/7/17

I can cope with that! Now, watch this space!

4 thoughts on “Context and Narrative – The Last Post

  1. Catherine

    Well-done on the result Simon – a very good pass mark. So far as I’m concerned it’s the experimentation and trying out of new ideas that’s important so please carry on with that and I’m sure those technical details will get sorted pretty quickly.

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