Assignment 4; Light – Notes for the Assessors

This was the most overtly technical of the assignments for The Art of Photography. As such it ws mostly a case of trying to improve my application of techniques and lighting theory rather than of pushing me creatively. This does not reduce validity of the pictures however and while most of them are quite “exercise-y”, there are a couple (the two “texture”  pictures (05 and 06) and the second “shape” (02) which I think go a bit further.

For reasons outlined in my response to the Tutor’s Report (mainly around the fact that the flowers were long dead at this point) I did not reshoot any of the pictures for this assignment. I did however rebalance the colour following David’s suggestions and these are the versions of the picture files that were used to make the prints enclosed as part of my physical submission for Assessment.

Tutor’s Report – Assignment 4

I have included 4 prints in my physical submission for assessment:

  • Assignment 4.1: Shape – Photographic Lighting
  • Assignment 4.2: Form – Photographic Lighting
  • Assignment 4.3: Texture – Available Light
  • Assignment 4.4: Colour – Mixed Light (Daylight/Tungsten)

High Resolution Files of the Assignment picture are on dropbox in the folder: Assignment 4 – Light

This contains:

    • 8 full-size jpegs of the assignment photos (512973-PH4AoP-A4-nn.jpg)
    • 4 contact sheets (512973-PH4AoP-A4-contact-nn.jpg)

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