Assignment 3; Colour – Notes for the Assessors

This was probably the most problematic of the assignments. As noted elsewhere (here, and a few days ago, here, and no doubt a few others, too) I found it very hard to stop taking photographs and to start editing them into either finished exercises ready for a write-up or to complete the assignment itself.

Then, after handing in my work here, this has been the section that has seen the most reworking of the “completed” pictures. I had worked on accentuating the main colours in the submission and then, following Dave’s comments in his report, dulled them down again; for the assessment prints, I have further reworked the way the colour was handled, again reducing the saturation (in part directly, but also by lightening the overall picture) in order to get print masters that didn’t smash the colour gamut of the paper that was being used to make C-Print, while experimenting with soft-proofing in Lightroom.

Now, I suspect I have calmed the colours down a bit too much in some of them; as a result, I have included the original print for Colour Harmony through Complementary Colours – Orange and Blue rather than the reworked one. “A work of art is never completed, rather it is thrown aside in disgust” as Apocryphal said…

Tutor’s Report – Assignment 3

I have included 4 prints in my physical submission for assessment:

  • 01 -Colour Harmony through Complementary Colours – Orange and Blue (01 in the original submission)
  • 02 -Colour Harmony through Similar Colours – Violet and Red (06 in the original submission)
  • 03 – Colour Contrast through Contrasting Colours – Yellow and Blue (11 in the original submission)
  • 04 – Colour Accent – Orange (13 in the original submission)

High Resolution Files of the Assignment picture are on dropbox in the folder: Assignment 3 – Colour

This contains:

    • 16 full-size jpegs of the assignment photos (512973-PH4AoP-A3-nn.jpg)

There are no contact sheets included for this assignment as they would need to be so extensive as to be meaningless as anything other than as an indication of my indecision!

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