Assignment 2; Elements of Design – Notes for the Assessors

I still really like the pictures I took for this assignment and while I don’t have much to add to what I wrote after receiving the tutor’s report about the pictures included. However, I would say that the suggestions that I take a few paces back and take wider pictures than I did on Flotta seems to have gone on to influence the pictures I have been taking since.

Also, as a footnote, almost a year to the day I took the Assignment 2 pictures, I was back on Flotta again. While I waited for the ferry back to the mainland, I took an alternative to the picture that replaced picture 10 of the original submission. Here it is:

Entrance to the Oil Terminal, Flotta; 30-vii-15

Entrance to the Oil Terminal, Flotta; 30-vii-15

Tutor’s Report – Assignment 2

I have included 4 prints in my physical submission for assessment:

  • 01 – Single Point (01 in the original submission)
  • 02 – Vertical and Horizontal Lines (03 in the original submission)
  • 03 – Distinct Shapes -Semi-Circle and Oblongs (06 in the original submission)
  • 04 – Rhythm (13 in the original submission)


High Resolution Files of the Assignment picture are on dropbox in the folder: Assignment 2 – Elements of Design

This contains:

  • 14 full-size jpegs of the assignment photos (512973-PH4AoP-A2-nn.jpg)
  • 7 contact sheets (512973-PH4AoP-A2-Contacts-nn.jpg)
    Contact 01 contains 10 (revised)
    Contact 02 contains 04
    Contact 03 contains 09, 10 (original), 11, 13
    Contact 04 contains 01, 03
    Contact 05 contains 06
    Contact 06 contains 02, 05, 08, 14
    Contact 07 contains 07, 12

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