Assignment 1; Contrasts – Notes for the Assessors

After I received the feedback for Assignment 1, I did not make any changes to the pictures that make up assignment 1. The main suggestion – to match the aspect ratio of the portrait format pictures to that of the landscape ones –  would have meant a major re-edit and some possible re-shooting.

I had decided on the different ratios – 3×2 for landscape and 4×5 for portrait – at a very early stage and as a result some of the compositions were made with this in mind. I felt that the shorter portrait format would work better for a submission that would only be viewed on screen as the images would view larger on a normally oriented monitor screen. Also, at that point, I wanted to crack on with Elements of Design.

Tutor’s Report – Assignment 1

High Resolution Files of the Assignment picture are on dropbox in the folder: Assignment 1 – Contrasts

This contains:

  • 17 full-size jpegs of the assignment photos
  • 8 contact sheets (512973-PH4AoP-A1-Contacts-nn-thing&anti-thing.jpg)
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