Assignment 2: Photographing the Invisible – Notes for the Assessors

Units of Time – A Revised Set

The main problem with these was that I probably got the labeling wrong: the writing (in pen, on prints) gave the time period  rather than what was depicted in the picture; the result was that  -in Barthesian terms –  I had anchored the pictures rather than providing a relay. In response to this criticism, I’ve reversed the labeling/titling so that the title states the time unit and the label provides the information about what the picture shows. For the three sets of pill packaging where i still have the boxes, i have used scans of the prescription labels/dosage information which works well, I think.

I have also replaced three of the pictures in the set – the two featuring bottles of beer, and the one that used a guardian obituary to represent a lifetime – with other examinations of the way prescription dosage can be used to measure periods of time. This lends a good continuity of approach to the set and also – focuses in on the way that – according to David Bate in the chapter on still life in Photography – The Key Concepts – the neutral background of the advertisment photograph stands for death and the void, with the picture’s subject standing between you and the inevitability of your decease; the idea of medicine helping you ward off death seems rather apt here, and refers neatly back to the musings of Eliot’s Prufock, where this assignment started…

Tutor’s Report – Assignment 2

Four of the pictures are contained in the physical submission: Fig.1, Fig.2, Fig.4 and Fig.6; high quality jpegs of the other four are available in the assessment g:drive folder.

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