Assignment 3; Putting Yourself in the Picture – Notes for the Assessors

The main thing discussed during the tutorial that has lead to a revision of this assignment was that my organisation of the files, folders and instructions for my “generate my self-portrait” game was difficult to follow. I have therefore produced the revised flowchart – intended to show the way you can generate a self portrait for me using either a 6 sided die or a random dice-throw generator –  here:

fig.1: Life During Wartime Instructions – available on the g:drive as PH1CAN-512973-Assessment-3.09.jpg

I used the new instructions to generate a self-portrait and the resulting collage is included  – along with three of the original crowd source composites – in the physical submission for the assessment where it is titled PH1CAN-512973-assessment-05: 634242.

The “kit” of parts to generate more portraits is all there in the g:drive folder (PH1CAN-512973-Assessment-3.01 – PH1CAN-512973-Assessment-3.08) along with a further 3 of the crowd-sourced composites.

Tutor’s Report – Assignment 5

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