starting part two – elements of design

Lines. And points!

Lines. And points!

Right. Back from holiday in Orkney, with lots of photos taken. Lots of reading done too, and a couple of exhibitions under my belt. Raring to go again in fact.

But first – the back-catalogue points pictures:

With a couple of exceptions these comfortably fit into using the rule of thirds, although one or two of those that do aren’t quite perfect. Not all are about the points – the Cobb one is all about the swoosh to the couple; the wiring box is about the smart-arse title; looking at it now, I think the suspended baseball boots are about the triangle above them and to the right – but the points make them all work (to the extent that they do work) I think; the pebble stops characteristic sandstone being just a square of texture and the couple on the cobb stop the swoosh simply zooming off through the upper right-hand corner; the wave in the picture from Brazil needs something to break against to show its power.

A point, therefore, is something contrasting in some way with the rest of the picture, placed in the frame in a way that it draws the eye and alters your reaction to the rest of the picture. The baseball boots catch your attention in a way a triangle never would.

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